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Horn Case/Gig Bag

Gard Professional All Leather Detachable Bell Gig Bag. Perfect condition - as new (six months old but only used three times). Selling due to interstate move. Large pocket at back fits large orchestral parts. Comes with built-in (detachable) rain cover and convertible over shoulder/backpack strap settings. It fits my large Paxman easily but would suit any size horn. Bought overseas for $150 - asking price is $90 plus postage. Contact Kate at sutcliffekate@gmail.com [22 January 2014]

Alexander hard case. It fits Alex 1103 and horns with the same wrap. It's around 6 years old and in excellent condition. Has ample storage space for books and music as well as a compartment for valve oil, etc. The asking price is $200 + postage. Contact Brooke on brooke.prendergast@gmail.com [27 October 2012]

Single Horns

New Listing Blitz Single F "is light weight very responsive and has a screw off bell. I have given it a good thorough test with my students and valves are great. marcus bonna style case (wouldnt suggest you give it a drop test but they seem solid) $1200" Contact Chris on chowes12@yahoo.com or 0414 512 640 Horn is in Sydney [12 December 2014]

New listing Hans Hoyer Germany, Student Model 3702, Single Horn in Bflat Almost New Student French Horn, made at the Hans Hoyer factory in Germany. About 5 years old, used once for a period of 6 months. High quality manufacture, designed to give the best possible start to beginners aged from 8. Lightweight, smaller bell and body size, it provides the best posture and technique setup for small players. Stored in a lightweight, back pack convertible case, it is unlike many other student horns that are supplied in cumbersome, impossible to carry cases. It was played by a 9 year old girl for 6 months before her parents purchased. It has had 2 small repairs after a little band practice bump. The bell diameter is smaller however there is no compromise in tuning; slides and valve slides are all easily adjusted out for A440 playing, with consistency across ranges. The mouthpiece (supplied) is standard - there is no change in shank or rim size when the student progresses to an adult instrument. Mechanical valve movement, using Hoyer's 3B mechanical system as used on their professional instruments. Fully adjustable hand rest flipper, and finger hook for perfect customising of the student's growing left hand. Supplied with maintenance kit, adjuster key, case; 100% ready for the lesson. Exceptional quality for the best learning outcomes - Available new at retailers for $2595.00 and upwards. I am selling mine for $1995. Julia Monsbourgh jmonsbourgh@gmail.com (Reservoir, Vic) [5 March 2015]

New Listing Paxman natural horn with crook set: Bb A F E Eb
Long tuning slide can shift A horn to G in modern pitch. Eb can shift to D even when starting from a lower setting such as A = 430hz
Serial number 1185:1 Merewether Model
$3,000 Contact Michael on michaeldixon@iinet.net.au Horn in Sydney [4 February 2015]

New Listing Yamaha YHR-313 French Horn, Used. Student, key of F, single, yellow brass, .469 bore, includes original case in very good condition, has minor scratches and a few small dents. fully serviced 3 years ago. $950 phone 0402 591 011 Box Hill .. Victoria or email for more details at denice.myparadise@gmail.com [14 March 2015]

This Yamaha single Bb 322 was hand picked from 8 322's that I played. This horn was my backup horn while I played in the Coeur d'Alene Symphony for many years. It is in excellent condition and has excellent intonation. Cosmetically it is in very very good condition. Comes with hard Yamaha case. Call me at 208-267-2225 (office) or 208-755-0662 (cell) ...US $1350. Email Jim Thompson at vickiblake1@mac.com Horn in Idaho USA  [14 June 2013]

Yamaha Vienna Horn in excellent condition with no dents or damage.  The horn has an unlacquered finish, screw off bell and is in a Yamaha hard case. Horn is located in Melbourne. For all enquiries, please contact Jeff on 0425788031 or by email at jeffreymcgann@hotmail.com. Selling for $5000. [26 May 2014]

Compensating Double Horns

None at the moment

Full Double Horns

New Listing Full Double/ Alexander 103 Nice 103 for sale. Made in 1975, restaurated in March 2013 by Zoltán Juhász. Gold brass alloy, lacquered, in good shape, just some tiny dings and little lacquer wear. New bell section, leadpipe, anstoss (impulsor), and valve job: the compression is good. (I give an extra leadpipe with the horn which was made by Zoltán Juhász) This is a great horn, I would sell it because of financial reasons. I can send some more pictures if requested. You can see and try it in Budapest or Debrecen! 3700 Euros Contact Baráth Gergely on barath.gergely.pal@gmail.com [14 January 2015]

New Listing Blitz Double "is light weight very responsive and has a screw off bell. I have given it a good thorough test with my students and valves are great. marcus bonna style case (wouldnt suggest you give it a drop test but they seem solid) The double is a good replacement for the semi professional horn. It is a Geyer wrap $3200" Contact Chris on chowes12@yahoo.com or 0414 512 640 Horn is in Sydney [12 December 2014]

Davis and Bechet, model DBF67A Geyer wrap, large throat. Silver plate finish. Price $1500 USD, plus shipping, located in Olympia Washington, (USA). Contact John on workhorse2008@hotmail.com [12 June 2013]

Conn 6D Horn w/case for USA$1,500 plus shipping. "This is a good horn, and I have had a variety of different people play on it that will support my claim. I just had it cleaned and re-stringed less than a month ago. Please email me at bgossett3665@gmail.com or call at 708-813-4109 if you are interested! Click the link for pictures: https://www.facebook.com/BAGOSSETT3411/media_set?set=a.10152147011129344.1073741828.500644343&type=1 [10 January 2014]

"Full double, silver plated Conn6d. Serial number is 411314, making it one of the older, very respected Elkart horns. The sound is fairly compact and bright for a Conn. As it has seen it's years, there are small scratches on the surface and the tarnish has worn off on the inside of the bell. I just had it taken to my local horn repair shop to have it chemically cleaned, all small parts replaced and to ensure that everything is in excellent working order. There are places on the bell where you can see scars from past dent removal. I have included these spots in the pictures. Like-new Pro-Tec hard case with side pouch and shoulder strap.Email David at connmaster8d@gmail.com for more pictures and information. Asking $1,350 for what would make an excellent horn for an intermediate student." Horn is in the USA [7 August 2013]

Conn 6D Great Value Double Horn. $1,100 . Call Steve for further info 0438 564 902 or email for some photos themusicscore@iprimus.com.au  check out my website http://www.themusicscore.com.au/ (Sydney) [4 March 2011]

"I sell my Conford 28 double. It made yellow brass alloy,unlacquered, goldbrass leadpipe, two waterkeys, detacthable bell, miniball system. No dings or dents, clean in (ultrasonically) and out. Valves compression are perfect, rotors are go smooth. Valves are in line! The full register is open, up and down, both, Bb and F side are excellent, very centered notes, secure high register, easy and clear pianissimos. The horn is no one yoear old!!! I sell it, because financial reason, my horn is ready from the waiting list, now and I have to pay it, I am not able to own two horns unfortunately. I won two auditions during this time with this horn. Feel free to ask any question, email, or skype me. I can send additional photos. The horn is located in Budapest, you can try it in Vienna too. mate.borzsonyi@gmail.com +36304104038" [21 October 2014]

Holton Tuckwell modell french horn (the original H104!). "It has no dings or dents, ultrasonically cleaned, valves are tight 90% (string action and very fast, smooth), lacquer has normal use (at the hands are some wearing). Three changeable leadpipes, with intelligent, clever use, you can switch with the light chamber playing between the big orchestra playing sound. The bell is hand hammered, has a large throat, with bayonet-joint ring set, (only need a half turn!) The instrument has a nickel-silver body and rose brass branch and bell. The horn is around 20 years old, but used for 10 years (5-5 years had a holiday). Great condition. Was used professionally by a legendary fourth horn player and I play first with this horn in the orchestra. The instrument has a big warm sound, very good low range and easy high register, up and down the sound is consistent. Comes with the original leather Holton flat case. If you have any question, please feel free to write or skype me. mate.borzsonyi@gmail.com Price: 2800 euro" The horn is in Budapest [9 December 2013]

Updated listing Holton H179 - NZD $4,800 ono Holton's leading 'Farkas' model full double Bb/F. Nickel silver, fixed bell, comes with original hard case. 15 years old. In as new condition. No dents, barely a scratch on the lacquer. Minimal lacquer wear inside bell, one small patch of lacquer damage where a brace had to be re-soldered. I've owned this horn since new, it was specifically selected for me from the US. Very free-blowing, very even across the register. Lovely dark, rich sound. I've used it on and off during 13 years as 4th horn in the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, but probably all up for about 5 or 6 of the years that I've owned it. A great instrument for an advanced student or young professional, or anyone who enjoys the big, rich sound of a Holton! Additional photos available on request. S.J.Williams@slingshot.co.nz [2 January 2015] (In Auckland, New Zealand)

Holton 179 Full double horn. When I bought it 4 years ago it was already nth hand - my best guess is it has been ex-orchestral band instrument. Serial number 599864. The photo probably has shown the worse of it, you may imagine that the whole instrument has a number of scratches and minor dents. However, the sound and slides and valve mechanism is still perfect. I used it for grade 5 and 7 exams. I use both this Holton 179 (brighter tone) and Conn 10DR (warmer tone) to prepare for my grade 8 exam, and I decided to use Conn instead. I am willing to take $2400 ono, which is lower than market value. I am quite sure any buyer would first be distracted by the cosmetics of the instrument, until they produce the powerful Holton sound. Playing this horn will give you an aura of being a horn veteran. The original Holton case (not perfect as well) included. If you can appreciate this horn I assume you already have your mouthpiece. Please contact Wilson (Sydney) - wilsonfong1975@gmail.com    [29 November 2012]

Holton 179: Full Double. Only 2 owners, I picked it up in 1993 and since then it has travelled the world in youth orchestras. It's in good condition needs, and was purchased with a gentle dent in the bell which doesn't impact sound. A hard case is included. Email for more photos. $5000 ono. Contact Jenni on 0416 262 964 or gingerr_meggs@hotmail.com (Melbourne) [9 November 2010]

"Selling a French horn Holton H279 Farkas Professional. The most popular Farkas Model has especially good center and projection, features a rich, dark sound. Solid nickel silver finish Detachable, 12.25" Large throat hand-hammered nickel silver bell .468" Bore String tie linkage Tapered hand-lapped brass rotors Solid nickel slides Includes case and Holton MDC mouthpiece Price $2300 or best offer. Thanks" Item location in Russia, Almetievsk. Contact Valeriy on mironov.valeriy1957@gmail.com
[24 May 2013]

Lawson Model 804GL (predecessor to the Fourier). Ambronze, large belled horn. Large bore. Serial Number: #902S. This is a trademark large, heavy Lawson horn with a huge dark sound. It is in excellent playing condition with a degree of wear that you would expect from a horn this age (built August 1985). This horn had a full valve job in Dec 2009, so you will be thrilled with it for years to come. Selling because the big Lawson sound sticks out like a sore thumb here in Singapore! Upgrades by James Patterson in December 2009 include: Custom Patterson lead pipe; Flipper; Valve rebuild; Strip lacquer; (Total Value: USD $2000) Condition & Care: Horn has undergone yearly ultrasonic cleaning yearly since valve rebuild in 2009 (much healthier for the horn than chemical flush because it uses only water) I use Hetman oils. The instrument had one small patch near the LH pinky when I acquired it in 2003. See the photo for details. Location & Availability: Nashville, TN Extras Included: Original lead pipe - not in very good condition; Hard rectangular "suitcase". Sturdy, but not pretty. Price: SGD $10,000 or AUS/USD $8000. Any of those currencies accepted. Contact: Rebecca Watters rrwatters@yahoo.com or +65 91252614 [17 Sept 2013]

Paxman 23L. Made c. 2007 and unlacquered 2 years ago, this Paxman 23L has had all of it's dents removed and 5 cent Australian coins have been soldered onto the valves (from previous owner who currently plays in SSO) for easy reach and durability. The horn had a full service and acid bath 2 months ago. An extra Paxman nickel silver detachable bell is also included with the horn for added choice on sound production. Horn comes with MB5 navy case. Case includes room for mutes and sheet music (RRP $AU700). Price of $8000 is based on quote by one of Sydney's top brass repairers, but it is negotiable. More photos available upon request. Please contact Kara: hahn.kara@gmail.com [6 April 2013]

New Listing Sternberg SHN 3055-2, string mechanism, Full double, detachable bell, adjustable finger hook, recently fully serviced, unplayed since then. its ten years old, I'm pretty sure it's yellow brass, 11.8 mm bore, 310 mm bell diameter. comes with re-enforced hard case $4000 I used this horn all through high school and into my third year of a performance degree at the Sydney conservatorium. It's Available in Sydney. Email for more information Bnic9224@uni.sydney.edu.au [27 November 2014]

Yamaha Custom YHR862
"Nickel Silver, with a detachable bell and hardcase. I believe it used to belong to Graham Evans. $6000 negotiable Horn is in Melbourne, contact Tom on 0406 593 332 or email: thomassta@gmail.com Photos to follow [31/7/14]

Descant Horns

Conn 12-D Bb / F-alto horn with stopping valve. Mint condition. Indestructible Conn case. $5,500 neg. Lee: 02 9876 5544 / 0407 520 774 / bighorn2001@hotmail.com (Sydney/Epping) [17 February 2014]

Finke descant f alto full double horn for sale. Have retired from horn playing from Coeur d'Alene Symphony in Idaho. Horn was regularly serviced by Houghton horns in Texas. Horn is yellow brass with extra accessories for condensation, pinky and thumb. Also has extra tuning slides for f alto side. Detachable bell and comes with non detached Pro Tec hard case. Horn is circa 1998. I was the second owner. This horn is excellent in intonation, the lower register on the f alto side and superb on centering and ease in the upper register on the f alto side. 208-267-2225 (office) 208-755-0662 (cell) US$3800 ono ....Jim Thompson Email: vickiblake1@mac.com Horn in Idaho USA  [14 June 2013]

Paxman 40L b flat/f alto double descant in excellent condition, fixed bell with stopping valve. Made in 1985, one of the last of this configuration. The valves are fast and quiet and the horn plays beautifully in all registers. A very fine example of this model, sad to see it go but I just don't use it enough. I had the optional F extension made in around 2004. $7000 with F extension or $6500 without, horn is in Perth. David Evans 0414993144 or email: dave@snavedivad.com [29 October 2013]

Deatils coming soon.... Paxman Bb/High F Small Bore from the '70's The horn is in Brisbane. Contact Neil on 07 3289 8030

Otto Descant: Bb/high F with detachable f loop. Yellow Brass with detachable bell and flat hard case $5,800 Horn is in Sydney. Contact Graham on gnichols@accsoft.com.au or call 0414 762 134 [25 August 2014]

Triple Horns

none at the moment