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Horn Case/Gig Bag

Yamaha 667 Horn Case
I have a Yamaha "briefcase style" horn case for sale in quite good condition. As can be seen in the photo, there is a small gauge in the case but otherwise no other large superficial blemishes. Just over 10 years old - great case to have as its solid and sturdy and keeps the instrument safe! Please email me on jess.hornplayer@gmail.com if you want anymore information. Case is located in Perth, Western Australia. Buyer must pay for shipping. Price is $200neg. [17 September 2016]

Single Horns

New Listing An original (30+yrs old) Swiss Alpenhorn for sale. Located in Geelong. Can bring to Sydney for extra charge. Comes with high and low mouthpieces. Beautiful pure sound. Plays very well if you are a French Horn player. $2500+GST Contact Brendan on brendonlukin@gmail.com [6 December 2016]

Blitz Single F "is light weight very responsive and has a screw off bell. I have given it a good thorough test with my students and valves are great. marcus bonna style case (wouldnt suggest you give it a drop test but they seem solid) $1200" Contact Chris on chowes12@yahoo.com or 0414 512 640 Horn is in Sydney [19 November 2015]


Compensating Double Horns

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Full Double Horns

New Listing Alexander 103. Serial Number 27809. Located in Sydney, Australia. Purchased new in 2012. Detachable bell, flipper installed, leather hand grip and key covers. Mint condition with only one small ding on 3rd valve slide (pictured). Includes Alexander flight case and mouthpiece. $9000. Email natasha.roumanoff@gmail.com [2 December 2016]

Blitz Double "is light weight very responsive and has a screw off bell. I have given it a good thorough test with my students and valves are great. Marcus bonna style case (wouldnt suggest you give it a drop test but they seem solid) The double is a good replacement for the semi professional horn. It is a Geyer wrap $3200" Contact Chris on chowes12@yahoo.com or 0414 512 640 Horn is in Sydney [19 November 2015]

"I sell my Conford 28 double. It made yellow brass alloy,unlacquered, goldbrass leadpipe, two waterkeys, detacthable bell, miniball system. No dings or dents, clean in (ultrasonically) and out. Valves compression are perfect, rotors are go smooth. Valves are in line! The full register is open, up and down, both, Bb and F side are excellent, very centered notes, secure high register, easy and clear pianissimos.  I sell it, because financial reason, my horn is ready from the waiting list, now and I have to pay it, I am not able to own two horns unfortunately. I won two auditions during this time with this horn. Feel free to ask any question, email, or skype me. I can send additional photos. The horn is located in Budapest, you can try it in Vienna too. mate.borzsonyi@gmail.com +36304104038" [18 November 2015]

New Listing Conn 6D double horn for sale. 2 years old. Excellent condition. Only played for one year by my son. American made. Beautiful tone. Intermediate level. Just service by Steve Geordano. Call Jacqui 0414 903 764. Located in Seaforth. Two cases - the original and a backpack case. [6 December 2016]

Holton H180 double French Horn Excellent horn- especially for students. Has been well looked after - only 2 owners and has recently been fully serviced and restrung. F/Bb Double Includes hard case, valve oils, two mouthpieces and a range of sheet music books. $4000 negotiable Located in Perth, Australia. Can be shipped at expense of buyer. Contact Shannon Brown shannonverabrown.96@gmail.com 0448 790 663 [18 January 2016]

Engelbert Schmid French Horn. Full Double F/Bb with A stopping valve. http://www.engelbert-schmid-horns.com/index.php/en/french-horns
Lacquered body. Unlacquered bell. Exceptional craftsmanship. Gold Brass. This instrument has been maintained with the utmost care and attention. The medium bore and Geyer-wrap layout gives it wonderfully centered intonation across the entire range, from double pedal C (two ledger-lines below bass clef in new notation) to super F (three ledger-lines and a space above the treble clef). The valves have been maintained frequently, given a full service every 2 years and are immaculate, fast, smooth, quiet, easy. The string mechanism makes them easily adjustable to be perfectly ergonomic for you hand. The slides have been maintained with the same amount of care and are equally immaculate and smooth. Noble sound. Smooth slurs. Excellent dynamic range without getting "blatty" or harsh at fff
Features: Spun, unlacquered bell http://www.engelbert-schmid-horns.com/index.php/en/bells . The bell has been polished for sale, but will tarnish over time and look something like this bell; http://www.all-brass-instruments.com/uploads/brass/22/230409490686-1.jpg  String valves http://www.engelbert-schmid-horns.com/index.php/en/mechanics  The A stopping valve is a very useful addition. When playing stopped on the Bb side it removes the need to transpose! The main tuning slide is "double extendable" which can be used to put the instrument in E/A, though it takes careful reworking of the valve tuning slides and is better in some registers than in others.
There are a couple of minor surface blemishes but these are barely noticeable aside when looking for them. These are not at all noticeable to the audience. Two water keys. Leather palm guard. The thumb key sits in F (meaning, that if you're not pressing any valves, the instrument is in F). This is due to the ergonomics of the A stopping valve. It can be swapped by ordering a replacement valve from Mr Schmid, but this is not recommended.  Comes in a Black Macus Bonna MB5 case http://www.mbcases.com.br/en/products/mb5/ (one broken but repairable "handle strap"). Comes with some spare valve string, some Hetman rotor oil (the one she likes), polishing cloth, lacquer polish, and one mouthpiece (I have many to choose from. We'll do our best to find something desirable). $8000 Ashley Skyring 0423 652 651 ashleyskyring@gmail.com Mt Warren Park, QLD [6 April 2016]

New Listing Yamaha 666 This Yamaha double horn dates from the mid 1980's and has been played professionally all of its life. Nickel silver and with detatchable bell it has been maintained extremely well and has years of playing still in it. All the notes are in the right place with a lovely even tone across the registers Included in the sale is a Marcus Bonna MB5 case in very good condition. Horn is in Dunedin, New Zealand $5000 NZ Contact Nigel nigeljf666@gmail.com [2 December 2016]

Yamaha Custom YHR862 "Nickel Silver, with a detachable bell and hardcase. I believe it used to belong to Graham Evans. The horn has a bore of 0.469" and plays well in all registers.  It is great condition with some minor wear and tear, and has been recently serviced. $6000 negotiable Horn is in Melbourne, contact Tom on 0406 593 332 or email: thomassta@gmail.com  [18/11/15]

Descant Horns

Conn 12-D Bb / F-alto horn with stopping valve. Mint condition. Indestructible Conn case. $5,500 neg. Lee: 02 9876 5544 / 0407 520 774 / bighorn2001@hotmail.com (Sydney/Epping) [18 November 2015]

Paxman Descant, Full Double Model 40XL Bore: XL. Alloy: Nickel Silver. Bell: Detachable. Lacquer: yes, with normal wear. Case: Alexander Alligator Skin Hard Case. Condition: Excellent. Other Details: Comes with a Lawson Ambronze Bell. Extra large bore; has had the stopping valve removed. I purchased this from John Clark (NY) in 2002. From the '70's with the earlier configuration. In very good condition, it's been regularly serviced. Lacquer shows wear, as is to be expected in a working instrument. No Dings. Very fast and responsive horn. Located in Sydney, Australia. Will post internationally, at buyer's expense. Extras Included: Alexander Alligator Skin Hard Case $5,400 Contact Stephen on stephenmorley@iprimus.com.au [14 September 2015]

Paxman 40L b flat/f alto double descant in excellent condition, fixed bell with stopping valve. Made in 1985, one of the last of this configuration. The valves are fast and quiet and the horn plays beautifully in all registers. A very fine example of this model, sad to see it go but I just don't use it enough. I had the optional F extension made in around 2004. $7000 with F extension or $6500 without, horn is in Perth. David Evans 0414993144 or email: dave@snavedivad.com [18 November 2015]

Updated Listing Otto Descant: Bb/high F with detachable f loop. Yellow Brass with detachable bell and flat hard case $5,300 Horn is in Sydney. Contact Graham on gnichols@accsoft.com.au or call 0414 762 134 [2 December 2016]

Triple Horns

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